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Fantastic FARM & MORE

Lloyds Europa Ltd is one of the partners in FARM & MORE, the Farm Diversification Event, which is run annually in different locations. This year's FARM & MORE was in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. The Lloyds Europa team researches venues, puts together the conference programme, researches the tours and organises the tour schedule, designs the trade show, sells tickets online and offline, offers free online registration for trade show delegates, sells space to trade show exhibitors, produces all marketing materials, and manages the finances of the show.

FARM & MORE 2013 was a highly successful event. The feedback from delegates and trade show exhibitors is excellent, with 78% of delegates scoring the event overall 7 or above (out of 10), and 82% of trade show exhibitors scoring the same. 80% of delegates say they intend to attend FARM & MORE 2014, and 85% of exhibitors reporting they're more than likely to come again as well.

With FARM & MORE in its fourth year, Lloyds Europa are continuing to grow the event and impress all those involved. As a result of last year's event (FARM & MORE 2012) in Edinburgh, the Scottish government has set up a fund of £2million to help farm diversification in the country. The success of Lloyds Europa's work on FARM & MORE has a lasting impact on businesses and policy, and we are very proud of our work.

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